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We are a small group of people working with these polls and we are dependent on crowdsourcing of Google-accounts in order to be able to continue our work.

Feel free to contribute by creating Google-accounts to send to us (together with the password) via this link so we can keep up the quality standard and sample sizes that we want. 

International Polling Superfecta

Final Poll: Alabama US-senate special election

11 Dec 2017

  Final poll: Alabama senate election 2017 Doug Jones (D) vs Roy Moore (R) The poll was conducted using Google Consumer Surveys. In total there were 3721 respondents, with 3030 responses collected through polls conducted with Google Consumer Survey’s android app and 691 collected through answer-to-see articles online. Of those, 2209 of the respondents answered [...]

Australia - Final weighed results Exit Poll

12 Nov 2017

  Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey   EDIT: The survey is now over and the 'Yes' side won with 61.6% of the vote. That means that our poll was off by more than 10 percentage points and we are evaluating our polling process. It was our first poll outside of the US and there was [...]

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